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The Young Offenders Series Hits The TV


The Young Offenders Series Hits The TV

The Young Offenders Series Hits The TV

The Young Offenders hits our TV screens



“Shut up you will wake the girls”

Those were the words of my wife as I was laughing so loudly, while we watched the first instalment of The Young Offenders new six part series.

The lengths I went to in order to be able to watch this online ahead of it’s debut on RTE were all worth while in the end!

Since the movie was released in 2016 the duo of Conor and Jock have been well and truly household names in Cork and beyond.

It was great to see my old school, Terence McSwiney Community College in Knocknaheeny, featured in the episode.

In the opening scene we get a birds eye view of Cork, and we get to see a recap on the who’s who from the movie aswell.

The lads are up to another scheme to make a fast few euro when Sgt. Healy catches up with them and forces them into a very daunting situation.

Hilariously we see another leap of faith that will amaze viewers. P.J. Gallaghers in his new role of Principal Barry Walsh works well and sees his own two daughters involved with the pair in a very funny scene in the school corridors.

Billy Murphy the local bully seems as mad as ever and he is involved with Jock and Conor in the opening episode also.

I really can’t wait for this to get into full swing and Peter Foott and his team deserve massive credit for the work they have done on both the movie and what will follow in the rest of the series.

My little overview really doesn’t do it justice so just turn on RTE next Tuesday at 9.30 pm and see for yourself.

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