Alarming rise in Cork cases of STI’s including HIV

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Record numbers of people were diagnosed with HIV in Ireland last year among other STI’s

In Cork alone there has been an increase in reported cases.

According to the head of Cork’s Sexual Health Centre, Deirdre Seery, for the 31 weeks to date this year, there has been 828 reported STIs in the Cork region.

These statistics are made up of 27 cases of HIV, 538 cases of chlamydia, 112 cases of Gonorrhoea,  26 of Syphilis and 109 of Genital Herpes.

To break these figures down a bit more that is almost 1 case of HIV reported in Cork a week, 18 cases of Chlamydia per week, and almost 5 per week for Syphilis and Genital Herpes.

Ms Seery said

What is most alarming is the number of cases of Gonorrhoea and also those of chlamydia which a person can have without symptoms.

So why does it seem the people of Cork have taken a growing ambivalence about these diseases and in particular HIV ?

Ms Seery is also worried that the message about HIV isn’t out there any more.

It is not part of the consciousness anymore Ms Seery said, people are not as aware of the issue as they need to be. If you are sexually active you should be getting checked every three to six months. People also need to be vigilant.

In light of these figures it is high time the people of Cork realise that these sexually transmitted infections are serious.

Stop turning a blind eye thinking it won’t happen to them.

What is your view on the increase in STI infections?

We would love to get the people of Cork’s view on these figures.


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