Cork AUL what it’s about

Published by Dean Evans on

Smells like…tiger balm?

I don’t know about you, but match day be it AUL 3A or Munster Senior League playing the big boys, you gotta love it!

Getting up early on a Sunday morning, having a hastily prepared pre-match meal of toast or something stupid that you heard that gives you enough energy for 90 minutes! It’s fantastic, just to be part of the team.

Entering the room full of guys either still asleep or going a mile a minute from their Red bull or Lucozade. Throwing your gear bag up on the bench rubbing your hands together and a quick walk around the pitch and maybe a chat about yesterday’s results.

Then its time to get ready. Banter flying around the dressing room, it could range from guys talking about each other’s sisters to some guy’s football jocks!

The smell of tiger balm or deep heat starts to fill the air, its time for people to dull the pain of the old ‘war’ wounds, then it comes to the team talk.

The old dog from last century telling the young pups how to play, what way to take a corner even though he couldn’t cross his legs, or how to kick the opposition!

One last push towards the door, “Get out there and get at them, hit him to make sure he knows you’re there!”

90 or so minutes later the match finishes. Either joy or sadness now fills the dressing room instead of the player’s local anaesthetic.

Did we win?

Did we hit him to make sure he knew we were there?

Was the old dog right, did we do him proud?

Did we do the mud stained jersey proud?

Hopefully! As we gather around to say who will and who won’t be at training next week or remember a part of a match when somebody kicked the ground and blamed the pitch or the goalkeeper that talks a great game but Stevie Wonder would pull off better saves! Its at this moment that the team spirit is at its highest! This is one of the greatest feelings ever, it’s as simple as that and i’m sure every sport is like this but no sport is like football!

The greatest sport ever!