Grattan United: Vandalism And Destruction

Published by Dean Evans on

Grattan United’s Grounds Nearly Vandalised Beyond Repair

Grattan United is a local Northside soccer club located in Kilmore Heights, Cork City. The club was the victim of a horrendous form of vandalism. The destructive behaviour took place at approximately 6 pm on Saturday 9th of June at the club’s pitch and training ground, O’Neill Park.

The first question to ask would be, how the behaviour went un-noticed in a built up area

The gates guarding the entrance to the grounds were rammed and demolished. The premises is located on a corner and has gates off the main road. This would imply that the gates would have had to be rammed more than once to gain access to the grounds first of all.


Image of the Demolished Gates


Once access was gained they then proceeded to take the car for a joyride around the grounds of the club without any thought to the consequence of there actions. The destruction was immense and the damage they’ve caused is in the region of thousands of euros.


Images of the aftermath



Grattan United have been training in St Vincents hurling and football club for the past 3 years while there was ongoing works in the immediate area of the pitch. The construction of the new road was accommodated by Grattan for the development opportunities and work prospects it would generate for the local community.

For the first time in nearly 3 years the club was looking forward to being again active in the area and using their newly resurfaced sand based training ground. The vibe in the club was a positive one for the first time in a while.

The club now has a dilemma as it cannot afford to pay for the reparations. Financially this has set the club back 3 years at the least.

The Chairman Darren Geaney when I talked to him had just a simple plea:

 “Any help, advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated with our current situation. I can be contacted on 0876631500 “

It is imperative that this behaviour which is widespread in the area is stopped. This is not an isolated incident and has happened in the recent past, not only to Grattan United but to other local clubs like Saint Vincents, Castleview FC, Knocknaheeney Celtic FC and Temple FC.


Lets hope we don’t see a repeat of this type of behaviour in the future.