A Legend ? Birthday Boy Roy

Published by Dean Evans on

Some United fans love him because he was their Captain during the glory years of the 90s.

Some United fans hate him because he walked out on the country during our time of need.

Some Liverpool fan actually like him because of his passion and drive.

I think he reminds them of Gerrard but with league medals.

We can all agree that Alf-Inge Håland absolutely hates him!

Keano from across the Northside, the weedie kid that was told he wasn’t ‘big’ enough to make it in football, took the long road through the league of Ireland.

He was given the chance by Brian Clough in England. I remember seeing him play for Forest and he was one of us. He went to the Giants of Old Trafford and the rest was history.

We could be here all day talking about his attitude, the match versus Juventus, the Saipan incident, the MUTV interview or his failed managerial career!

I want to hear your opinion on Roy. He will forever divide opinion.

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