Junior football is back

Published by Dean Evans on

With a load of matches played over in the weekend in the lovely Summer rain, it’s finally here, Junior football is back. Before I go through any results I want to send best wishes to Pearce Celtic’s Barry Murphy. He was injured in AUL 1A match versus Cathedral Celtic which lead to the match being abandoned.

I managed to watch some of the Grattan B game (from the car) and it looked wet and manky but I would of loving to be out there playing. The match finished with Grattan winning 2-1 over Grangevale. But looking at the rest of the opening fixtures it didn’t look like a good start to the league campaign for the Northside teams. Only Glenthorn, Temple and Leeview came away with wins.

Looking forward to this week, if pitches survive the weekend, the main focus for me would be the start of the Mossie for both Grattan and Knocknaheeny Celtic. It’s always nice to get a cup win in but it’ll be how the teams line out, how the new players adapt and for Grattan, a win under the belt for the new gaffers. I have tipped Knocknaheeny to win the Mossie as they seem like a fantastic cup team and really hard to beat on the day. Also if you offered any of the Grattan lads the league or the Mossie, I know which one they’d choose. And finally congratulations to the Knocknaheeny players, committee and supporters. They picked up their ‘Team of the year’ awards last weekend.