Leo claims Ireland has ‘one of the lowest levels of homelessness’

Published by Brian Ò'Sùilleabhàin on

TAoiseach Leo Varadkar has insisted Ireland has “one of the lowest levels of homelessness” by international standards.

This is despite the fact Ireland’s homeless figures have risen to more than 10,000 in 2019.

UN Special Rapporteur on Housing Leilani Farha wrote to the Irish Government back in the first quarter of 2019 critising its housing policy in light of record numbers of people living in emergency accommodation.

Mr. Varadkar at the Fine Gael National Conference said

Yes there are major challenges with housing and homelessness, and no they won’t be solved overnight.

That statement comes with record breaking figures. Back in 2015 there were 1,000 children without homes and in 2019 just 4 years later that figure has risen to almost 4,000 children homeless. Over 10,000 people nationally which to the standard of Irish people is beyond acceptable.

How can any Government claim its policies are working when the figures speak for themselves.

the UN also condemned Irish Government policy for allowing multinational vulture funds to buy up vast swathes of properties and then rent them out at sky-high costs.