Limit 60 – Cork Bred

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Sometime over the next 2 weeks we will be catching up with limit 60 And hopefully to record a performance and interview.

But heres what we know so far

Limit 60’s pop-rock/funk groove infuses the power and soul of both genres, creating an electrifying, new sound. Founded by two members during their time together in college, the Cork based 5 piece grew and evolved until finally completing its lineup in early 2016. The band then completed the recording of their self titled, debut EP, which was released in Autumn 2016

Genre: Pop Rock and Funk

Band Members
Sarah Magnier – Vocals/Interesting Hair
Steve “Cheeks of Steel” Ahern – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica
David Christy Jones – Drums/Vocals
Nick Abat – Lead Guitar
Joseph O’Hagan – Bass/Vocals

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