Liverpool VS Madrid CLF 2018

Published by Dean Evans on

For the red half of Liverpool it’s the culmination of a hard fought season with alot of ups and very little downs. For everybody else it’s like a band-aid, pull it off quickly and get it over and done with. 40+ goals in the Champions league this season has put Liverpool at the door European glory.

Messrs Salah, Firmino and Mane will try to put a dent in Real’s hopes of a 13th European Cup title. On the other hand, serial Winner Ronaldo and Co. will try to win their 3rd title in 3 years but come up against VVD, who for me has been the main reason Liverpool have made it this far by shoring up Liverpool’s rocky defence.

For me the stars have aligned to make this a memorial match, The pitch size is almost identical in size to Anfield and is the exact same size as the Bernabeu. Many won’t think this makes a difference but when you play free flowing football it can make a difference.


Top Players:

Mo Salah – He’s been nothing but a revelation since he joined the Reds last year. Many wrote him off because of the Chelsea past but he’s 4 goals short of Ian Rush’s 47 goal record. I can see him getting 1 at least because he will sit on Marcelo’s shoulder and wait for 1 mistake before he pounces.


Firmino – For a number 9 to have more tackles than most midfielders tells you that he is constantly moving and dropping deep to break the play up. With his trade mark “No-Look” goals he could be vital to Liverpool’s hopes.


VVD – The new rock of Liverpool’s defence, he’s the key to them winning for me. If he’s not on his game or losing Ronaldo then it’s game over.



Ronaldo – The Ying to Messi’s Yang. For me the greatest player in the world. He may go missing in some games but could still score 2. He’s a winner, simple as that. He’s the star player on the pitch and he knows it, he will have to be marked out of the game to stop him but do Liverpool have the players to do so.


Bale – He’s coming into form just in time. For me he’s flakey and could be dragged off if he doesn’t play to his standard.