Malignaggi vs. McGregor leaked photos

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Conor vs Paulie

If the gospel according to Conor McGregor is correct then Paulie Malignaggi got schooled in their recent sparring session.

Malignaggi was offered the chance to spar McGregor after his comments during his Showtime Boxing gig that McGregor had not a hope in hell of beating Floyd Mayweather

McGregor took acception to this and wanted to let Paulie see for himself. To be fair to Paulie he turned up and went 12 rounds but if the images that have been leaked are anything to go by then it looks like it was Conor who had the better of the exchanges Paulie is adamant that he beat Conor and asked for the tape of the sparring session to be released in full.

Conor said in an interview with the UFC that

Paulie got his ass whooped

but commended him for staying in there for the duration of the spar.

The leaked photos left Paulie outraged and he took to twitter to announce he would no longer help Conor in his training camp after he felt exploited by the leaked images that didnt tell the full story.

Tweet from Malignaggi below

This sort of propaganda isnt new from the McGregor camp as in the past there was a video clip of a spar with a professional boxer which showed McGregor dominating the fight.

The boxer later released the full video which showed McGregor struggling with the boxers movement and speed so it will be interesting to see the full fight between Conor and Paulie when it eventually does come out.

We here at Unity would love to see the full video footage

Just 20 days to go for Mayweather vs McGregor!