#MayMac Press Tour Final Stop London post review

Published by Brian Ò'Sùilleabhàin on

#MayMac Press Tour, Final Stop, London.The last stop of the #MayMac world press tour was in London and it was as controversial as the rest.
The highly anticipated event was attended by over 10,000 mostly McGregor fans. It was like it was
held in Dublin as much of the crowd were travelling Irish fans.

As reported previously, McGregor was
being scrutinised for use of some racially insensitive language used in the other cities on the tour.
Well in London it was Mayweather’s turn to bring some unwanted criticism upon himself.
When trying to mock McGregor, Mayweather called him a faggot which has come in for a lot of flak
on the internet. Mayweather launched a rant towards McGregor shouting, ͞you are a punk, a faggot
and a ho.

The previous night Mayweather stated, I don’t care if its white women, black women,
white men, black men, Asian, Latina or Latino, you don’t disrespect people. This statement was an
attempt to show McGregor in a bad light but less than 24 hours later it has come back to haunt him.
On the night Mayweather was hoarse, seemed tired and didn’t impress with his repetitive jokes and

On the other McGregor didn’t disappoint his fans as his humour and wit had the crowd laughing
throughout and his energy was unrelenting. The adrenaline produced from the atmosphere was
definitely driving him because they had just flown in from New York not long beforehand and must
have been fatigued. On one occasion, McGregor put his hand on Mayweather’s head calling him a slap head which could have triggered a confrontation but credit to Mayweather he was composed
and cool throughout.

How you view the world tour depends on your perception. One might see it as a cringe fest with
racist and homophobic taunts and general distasteful antics throughout, while another might see it
as funny and entertaining with insults that were said in jest to sell a fight. Whatever we think, its
over now and time for both fighters to go back to camp and get ready for the biggest fight in combat
sports history which is now just 6 weeks away.