#MayMac Press Tour First Stop LA post review

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#MayMac Press Tour First Stop, Staples Centre, Los Angeles.

As the dust settles following the first stop on the MayMac press tour it is time to reflect on some of the key elements. Much of the talk beforehand was about who was the ‘A’ side and who was the ‘B’ side. From what we have just seen it is clear McGregor is the ‘A’ side for the fans.

The people behind the scenes firmly see Mayweather as the biggest draw here as emphasised by CEO of Showtime Boxing, Steven Espinosa. In the opening address to the 20,000 strong attendance, Espinosa nailed his colours to the proverbial mast by saying Mayweather was the biggest draw in sports.

The structure to the press conference seemed to take McGregor by surprise but he adapted quickly. In UFC press tours, fighters field questions from the audience and reporters but this was different. Conor had to make a speech and he instantly went on the attack slating Mayweather for wearing a tracksuit.

McGregor looked supremely confident in his slick pin stripe suit as he mocked Mayweather about all his rules and regulations stating that all he needed was a gum shield and an opponent. Towards the end of the McGregor speech we got to see a serious side to him when he spoke of his son as being a major motivation in his life these days. Up next was Mayweather.

Mayweather had the advantage of listening first and being able to respond to some of McGregor’s taunts and immediately played the ‘money’ card. Dismissing recent gossip of trouble with the taxman, Mayweather whipped out a cheque showing a value of 100 million. Mayweather did a lot better than expected in the press conference but that was mainly down to McGregor’s inability to respond. McGregor’s mic was cut when Mayweather was taunting him and as a lot of McGregor’s trash talk is best done when responding, he may have to re think his strategy for the next press conference. McGregor may have to prepare something in advance rather than shoot from the hip because it is clear the conference is structured to favour Mayweather.

The night ended with a face off which showed the size difference. McGregor is a much bigger man when face to face and he seemed to get the better of the close-up thrash talk although it was inaudible.

All in all it looks like Showtime have set this up to favour Mayweather so the McGregor camp will need to be creative for round two.

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