#MayMac Press Tour Penultimate Stop New York post review

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#MayMac Press Tour, Penultimate Stop, Brooklyn, NY. After the amazing show put on in Toronto, Brooklyn had a tough act to follow and it ultimately came up short. It began two hours late as both fighters tried to make each other wait and no one wanting to give in. When it finally got started, one thing you could notice immediately was the crowd was a bit flat. When the CEO of Showtime Boxing spoke at the beginning he was greeted with jeers but to be fair to him he seemed to embrace the hostility and wasn’t as nervous as he was in Toronto the night before. This was as loud as the crowd would get.

When McGregor took the mic, he began by paying homage to Biggie Smalls (a Brooklyn man) whom he shares a nickname with. The crowd didn’t respond with the same vigour or passion as Toronto and when McGregor gave Mayweather the new Jay Z album he said it was to

“study and learn how to make and maintain money”

again it was met with a dull response. McGregor then went on to address the issue of alleged racism on his part. Certain media outlets have labelled McGregor a racist because of his taunts of

“Dance for me boy”

directed at Mayweather in LA and Toronto. ‘Dance for me boy’ may be seen as a reference to the era of Jim Crow in the deep south but McGregor may not have been aware of the sensitivities of such language in America. McGregor has used similar American phrases in the past with one example being when he told Jose Aldo to spit shine his belt. Of course, Aldo isn’t black so the racist connection wasn’t made then but it does show that McGregor has used this type of language in the past which would show he isn’t using it to be racist or to reference a dark era of American history. When addressing the issue of alleged racism, McGregor said it was nonsense and followed it up with another controversial statement saying he was

 “half black, from the waist down”

This may have made things worse so it will be interesting to see how that comment is taken given the context surrounding it.

When Mayweather took the mic he almost immediately called one of his entourage to bring him his bag, again. He took $1 bills and threw a few handfuls of them over McGregor’s head calling him a bitch to which McGregor responded,

 “these are only ones, where’s the real money”

. Shortly after things nearly got out of hand when Mayweather signalled to his bodyguards to surround McGregor to which they obliged. Then McGregor’s bodyguards stood in and there was a scuffle and all the while Mayweather was shadow boxing on the stage. These antics weren’t appreciated by the crowd who began chanting,”pu$$y, pu$$y” . The press conference ended with a face off and McGregor seemed angrier of the two as he was still livid over the bodyguards surrounding him. Behind the fighters were their bodyguards who were also taunting and insulting each other. The tension on the stage on final night of the world tour will be intense.

The third press conference in Brooklyn lacked the same intensity as the previous two which shows the fighters are probably getting tired and running out of material. Neither fighter covered themselves in glory in Brooklyn so let’s hope London will see a return to form for both guys. Seeing as it is McGregor’s birthday and the London crowd will be electric and largely on his side, this energy should reinvigorate him.

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