#MayMac Press Tour Second Stop Toronto post review

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#MayMac Press Tour Recap. Second Stop, Toronto, Canada.

The King is back! If we were scoring these press conferences with the boxing scoring system Mayweather won LA 10-9 and McGregor won Toronto 10-8 but very nearly a stoppage.

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After Mayweather delayed the press conference and made McGregor wait, coupled with the antics of Showtime the night previous, Conor wasn’t happy. He immediately brought the heat stirring up a partisan crowd to sing “f$#k the Mayweather’s” before slating Showtime Boxing CEO calling him a snake, referencing his mic being cut off in LA. McGregor looked supremely confident and self-assured in Toronto as appose to LA where he was little thrown by the set up and structure of the press conference. He has now adapted and it looks ominous for Mayweather for the rest of the world tour. The crowd in Toronto sang throughout with renditions of ‘ole, ole, ole’ sang in full voice plus chants of ‘pay your taxes, pay your taxes’ directed at Mayweather.

When Mayweather got his hands on the mic he was continuously booed and jeered by the 20,000-strong crowd.

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If Mayweather had a handful of fans at LA to respond to his roars of ‘hard work’, with ‘easy money’, then in Toronto he had none. Every time he shouted ‘hard work’ this time around, all anyone could hear was chants of ‘Conor, Conor’. This press tour has definitely brought out the best in Mayweather and he is still doing better than expected on the mic but he definitely played second fiddle here. He used a lot of the same material from the previous night plus McGregor could respond this around and shut him down at every chance. One interesting comment from Mayweather was his promise to dish dirt on Conor in relation to women but that won’t come out until the New York leg he stated. Mayweather upped the ante when he asked to Conor to bet his side of the purse on the fight if he was as confident as he said he is. Conor’s response, “no problem”.

So now we’re half way through the #MayMac world press tour and its next stop New York who have it all to do as Toronto will be a tough act to follow.

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