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My Take On Unity

Unity is embarking on a journey! We are like sailors lost at sea. We know it’s going somewhere, but have no F—-G clue where it will end up. That’s what I am looking forward to – The Unknown. Brian and I have been friends since we both had the worst bum fluff imaginable!! Having worked on radio together on his station Klub Fm.

I will be doing various roles on Unity. Mainly doing interviews, vox pops and getting you closer to people in Cork that you want us to chat 2. I will also be eventually broadcasting my very own music show and talk show. But hey , let a guy crawl before he can walk like….. lol

Having had over 10,000 views on our first interview with Local Cork Legend Myles Gaffney, in under 1 week through social media sites and Unity online, this proved to me we are doing something people want.

Whether it’s an up and coming DJ or producer or a band or a well-known Cork person we want to get this to you.  I think Cork is about to experience something that has never been done before here. With 24 hours a day live streamed music, and an interactive site to chat and talk to us Unity will be something on the minds of people I am sure of it.

If you yourself think you have what it takes to help us out then contact me 

 [email protected]

I’m pure sound like and we can meet for a coffee or a Barry’s Tea that you will pay for (have to get something for free like). Or if you have something of interest you feel Cork would like to know more about then by all means contact us immediately.

Thanks for taking the few minutes  to read this excuse of an article but I promise you once you keep watching and listening I will get better with your help like.

A great man once said – What was it that your man said again!