Push? Malignaggi must have been concussed

Published by James Leonard on

If the main plot is Conor vs Floyd then the sub plot is Conor V Paulie.

Last week we reported about the sparring sessions between Conor McGregor and Paulie Malignaggi and explained how Conor’s camp released photos of the session which seemed to show Conor getting the better of the contest.

Paulie was adamant that the photos didn’t tell the full story but this week the plot thickened.

Dana White releases a video clip of the spar which clearly shows Conor getting the better of Paulie.

Although the clip is only 25 seconds long it is pretty convincing. Conor definitely hurt Paulie and seemed to just man handle him in the ring.

Then the Knock down/push down debate was settled.

Again, Paulie was adamant that he didn’t get knocked down but the second short video clip clearly
shows he hits the deck with no sign of a push.

The video clips demonstrate that Conor is able to box,
that is without question. Paulie is a two-weight former world champion so he’s not just some bum brought in to spar, and Conor hurt him.

The question now is can he bully Mayweather in the ring like he bullied Malignaggi?

McGregor has promised to pressure Mayweather from the very start and Floyd has said the same so in just under two weeks’ time we’ll see who takes the first step back.

Until then