Short Notice of Eastern Bus Eireann Services Cancellation Sparks Outrage

Published by Brian Ò'Sùilleabhàin on


Passengers are outraged as Bus Eireann announces that they will be cancelling a number of buses in eastern parts of Ireland. These include the Route 111, 109, 109A and 133 which travel to Athboy, Kells, Cavan and Wicklow. The announcement was published at 7:00 AM which left passengers taking the 9:00 AM Dublin to Wicklow bus with only two hours’ notice.

According to the company, these routes were disrupted due to operational issues. Passengers who were affected complained about the abruptness of the announcement on social media. Their main concerns were the lack of information given about the issue. People also complained about being left stranded.

Bus Eireann’s services have been chaotic recently which has resulted in hundreds of people around the country being affected this week. For instance, on September 19th, the Meath Chronicle reported that students and workers waited two hours for busses on Monday and Tuesday as a number of services were cancelled.

One notable element of the travel chaos is the new timetables that were put in place for the 109 route Sunday the 17th of September. The new timetable branched the route out, dividing it into four services. The main issue with this was that the new timetable was that there were issues with rostering, along with duties being allocated inappropriately. This resulted in multiple problems arising such as busses not showing up to certain areas, for example, the Meath Chronicle states that the only bus service that goes to Dublin in Ballivor did not show up, and passengers were left waiting for hours.

Bus Eireann apologised for the cancellations. The unforeseen operation difficulties resulted in delays of services in the East. Passengers who travel along these routes will need to keep an eye on the Bus Eireann website as they are posting regular updates there.