Suspect arrested following hostage situation in Nuneaton

Published by Brian Ò'Sùilleabhàin on

Warwickshire Police received reports of a man wielding a firearm in Nineaton at 2:30PM today. Specialist firearms officers, air services aided by fire and ambulance services were sent to the bowling alley at Bermuda park. People were then warned to stay away from the bowling alley as the man had taken two hostages. According to West Midlands Ambulance Service, a call regarding the incident came in at 3:40PM. An ambulance, two paramedic officers, the Hazardous Area Response Team and an emergency planning manager were sent to the scene. Later on, the ambulance service stated that a suspect was taken to hospital, but the hostages were discharged after being assessed as ininjured.

Various eyewitness reports described the situation on the ground as the situation progressed example, according to Mehdi Amshar, Chief executive of MFA Bowl on Sky News where he stated that it is understood that a gunman is in the bowling alley and two MFA staff members were being held hostage. When asked about whether the gunman was connected to the bowling alley, he stated that, according to his manageress, the gunman was in a relationship with another staff member. However, he then adds that this cannot be confirmed. When it comes to the description of the man, one witness described him as an unshaven man in his forties with an aggressive demeanour. At this point there has been no contact with the two staff members Amshar says, noting that all other staff members are safe and MFA Bowl’s staff has made sure that all customers have left the building.

Lawrence Hallett, CEO of MFA bowl, told Sky News that one of the waitresses brought the gunman to his attention when he was at a children’s party at the alley. The staff member told him that they had to leave and that there was a gunman. When told about this, he looked and saw the assailant walking towards them with his weapon, a sawn-off shotgun. He thought that this may have been a joke and felt panicked. He shouted for everyone to leave and everybody ran out. Hallett and others stayed outside the building for a while as they did not know what was going on. However, they then left when the gunman walked out to the entrance, swore and questioned those at the entrance before unslinging his gun and walking back into the bowling alley.

Carl Lenton, another witness, stated that he was sitting with his family in Frankie and Benny’s at the beginning of the. He said on Sky News that the manager from the restaurant told him that they were on lockdown due to a man wielding a gun at the bowling alley. He noted that police cars, a helicopter along with police dogs and armed police officers, surrounding the bowling alley. Other witnesses stated that the gunman were telling them to get out while also shouting “Game over, everyone out”. Warwickshire police have confirmed on twitter that this incident is connected to any terrorist group.