What on earth did we fight for our freedom for ?

Published by Brian Ò'Sùilleabhàin on



Eamon Dunphy speaking on The Tonight Show on TV 3 gives his take on the issues facing Ireland today.

Speaking on the state of the country he said;

“the people of this country are amazing”


“how little racism we have.”

Then went on to point out the flaws that exist in Ireland.

Ireland is carrying 100 billion of death but recently paid a promissory note of 6.7 billion, all the while families are staying in B&B accommodation with children travelling an hour or more to go to school.

Eamon thinks we as a people must address the injustices of the European establishment towards us as a society.

Eamon suggests the state is in a bad way and we need a state of emergency.

He went on to finish by saying

“What on earth did we fight for our freedom for? To live in a kip like this?”

Do you agree with Eamon’s comments ?